Australian Unclaimed Bodies of Gender Diverse Victims of Hate Crimes.

“The ERASED”  is a photographic series that speaks of the current state of Hate Crimes against Trans and Gender Diverse Community living in Australia.

In 1999 I started gender transition from female to male, in that same year the first ever documentary of a transgender person brutal murder was shown at the Sundance film festival called “The Brandon Teena Story”. Fast forward 20 years to 2019, Australia has officially only counted Two Hate Crimes  against Transgender and Gender Diverse People. The lack of record keeping, biases in our legal system and the misgendering at death has compiled this issue. Showing the ever-present issues of discrimination, vilification and violence that lays at the heart of living Transgender and Gender Diverse in Australia.

Transgender and Gender Diverse People are the most marginalised group in our society. We face in our visibility, a constant everyday threat for living differently.

  • DR IVAN GROZIER (Academic, Writer & Historian) 
  • JO POLE (Gender Non-Binary Performance Artist)
  • PLUTO SAVAGE (Gender Non-Binary Performance Artist)