My Pronouns are: They / Them

Ethan Kristy is a multi-disciplinary Trans and Queer Visual Activist based in Meanjin (Brisbane). There art practice crosses traditional art making with photography, digital, multi-media, and new technologies (3D Modelling, 3D Printing & 3D Scanning) to shift conversations around their lived experience as a Trans and Queer identified person.

Passionate about activism, their art is based on their own lived experiences growing up as a Trans and Queer person living in Australia.  Australian customs and beautiful landscapes act as a stage for “queering” place and space to bring awareness and further understandings to mainstream audiences.

Much of their work investigates understandings of sexuality and gender held within the systemic and institutionalised discrimination that is still occurring today against Trans and Queer people.

Ethan is currently completing a Master of Photography at RMIT after graduating with a BA of Fine Arts in expanded studio practice, completing their honours in Photography achieving High Class Honours also at RMIT.

I have walked many miles to become the person I am today. I am proud of all my histories from living as a woman, lesbian, man, transgender, gay and including the person I stand before you today a queer gender-disruptive non-binary person. I no longer affirm gender within any binary construct.

Art has always been my voice for advocacy, awareness, and pride for all diversities. Using my own story, I use my own body(ies), histor(ies) & lived experiences living in Australia to disrupt the viewers understanding of sexuality & gender. I try not to resolve any questions evoked, instead I spark a conversation between the viewer and I.

#anti-labels #anti-erasure #anti-norm

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