• Preferred Name: Ethan Kristy.
  • Pronouns: They / Her / Him  Acknowledges & Accepts ALL Pronouns.
  • Identifies as Queer Trans* Masculine identified ARTivist  A hybrid of an Activist and Artist.

Ethan Kristy was born in Australia at 1976 as a female assigned baby named “Kristy Rebecca”.

Growing up in Western Sydney, NSW. At age 14 years “came out” to their family and peers as a lesbian. This brought about violence, harassment and bullying at both home and high school. Outcast for their differences they eventually left school and home at Year 11, spending the next 12 months creating a portfolio to gain entry to University without HSC. Ethan’s hard work paid off by entering a BA Visual Arts at UWS. Unfortunately struggling with their own identity Ethan was unable to continue studies in the body they were born, deciding to pursue gender transition. Ethan at age 22 years started the gender affirmation process starting Hormone Therapy.

Now 18 years later, Ethan celebrates all their histories, identities and sexualities they have occupied at different times of their life. Ethan has lived experience as a woman, transgender, Trans*male, man, gay, lesbian, bi and queer.

No longer assigning to any binary, they play within gender to disrupt the social constructs and understandings.

Ethan proudly identifies as a Queer artist, activist and advocate for sexuality and gender diversity within Australia. They actively participate in Community run projects, including being the designer & web developer for “GRUNT”. The first trans* masculine sexual health campaign launched in Australia.

Now based in St Kilda, Victoria. Ethan has restarted their lifelong dream of completing University studies undertaking a BA of Fine Arts at RMIT.


Within my art practice, creating and exploring self in a visual context has been my expression since I was a child. It was a way for me to make sense of the world that I have never really felt included.

I have walked many miles to be the person I am today and proud of my histories as a woman, man, lesbian, transgender including the person I stand before you now – a queer trans* masculine identified sexuality and gender diverse person. Having such a rich diverse life palette to draw from creates the subjects for many of my works.

Within my works, I aim to disrupt the viewers understanding of sexuality and gender by subverting and challenging the viewer in using my own body/ies, histories, experiences and memories. I don’t try to resolve the questions evoked in my works but only try to bring about a dialogue.

My inspirations are not limited to other artists or art history but are referenced by popular culture, theories and writers in psychology, psychoanalysis and language. Much of my works are interlaced with the various discourses surrounding sex, sexuality and gender to bring about a resolution to my own lived experiences.

My influences include Simon Ingram, David Hockney, David LaChapelle, Amanda Lepore, Francis Bacon, Brett Whitely,  Jenny Saville & Jack Harbeston.


:: 2018

June  [ Exhibition ] 2018 Pride Art Exhibition: Somwhere over the Rainbow.

Jan  [ Exhibition ]

:: 2017

November  [ Exhibition ] RESPECT: A Queer Affair.

October  [ Exhibition ]  BLOOM: The Art of Becoming.

August  [ Solo Exhibition ] MAN CUNT: A trans story.

June  [ Exhibition ] MEN ON MEN Art Competition.


2014 – Tropical Fruits Kiss — Group show – Lismore Show Grounds, NSW
2012 – SLPA ArtSpace 2012 – Group show -Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst NSW
2011 – SLPA ArtSpace 2011 – Group show – Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst NSW
2011 – Queer Beards Project – Group show – Pop Up Gallery, Newtown NSW

2010 – SLPA Artspace 2010 – Group show – Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst NSW
2009 – Still Fierce Exhibit – Group show – Serial Space, Chippendale NSW
2009 – Bear Essentials Art Space – Group show – The Flinders. Taylor square NSW

  • 2015: Academic Excellence Award achieving 6.75 GPA during the academic year – Southern Cross University.
  • 2014: 1st Prize – Diversity Photographic Competition – Southern Cross University.
  • 2016 to Current:  2nd Year – BA of Fine Arts  – GPA 4.0 – RMIT University.
  • June 2018 | Paris & Berlin Study Tour – RMIT University.
  • November 2017 | New York Study Tour – RMIT University.
  • May – June 2017 | Short Course Intensive – Mobile Robotics – RMIT University.
  • 2015 |  Short Course Robotic vision –  Queensland University of Technology.
    2015 | Short Course – Sexing the Canvas – Melbourne University.
  • March to September 2015 | Communication Internship | Arts Northern Rivers Regional Arts NSW.
  • 2014 to 2015 | 1st year BA of Visual Arts – GPA 6.75 – Southern Cross University.
  • 2014 to 2015 | President – Visual Arts Student Club – Southern Cross University.
  • 2013 – 2015 | Active member of “Voice” the Northern Rivers Accessible Arts peer support group for artist’s witn disability.
  • Queer Arts Prize Coffee Book – To be released early 2018.
  • Exhibition Essay – By Charlotte St Clair Wilson, Director, Cage me a Peacock [ READ HERE ]
  • Dirty Queer Magazine – 2011 – Issue#2 – “t is for the Team”
  • Dirty Queer Magazine – 2012 – Issue#4 – “Queers in Wonderland”
  • Dude Magazine – 2011 – Issue# 1
  • Dude Magazine – 2013 – Issue# 3
  • ANAT – Australian Network for Art and Technology
  • NAVA – Member (since 2014)
  • ArtsHub Australia
  • Accessible Arts North Coast
Accessible Arts Advisor

Accessible Arts (NSW)

QAA - logo - clear COMING SOON – The founder of a new online initiative showcasing Queer (LGBTIQ) Emerging & Professional Artists, Performers, Writers and Creatives from around Australia.

grunt-logox400 GRUNT CAMPAIGN – Graghic Designer, Web Designer & Developer for the campaign. Producing logo, posters and 20 pp booklet with also Website Development and Web Design of the online resource.

2014 to 2015 – University Club – President of Southern Cross University Visual Arts Club – Lismore Campus.
March to September 2016 – Communication internship – 6 months at Arts Northern Rivers Northern Rivers.