My Pronouns are: They / Them

Ethan Kristy is an interdisciplinary Trans and Queer Visual Activist based in Meanjin (Brisbane). A conceptual Artist infusing their two loves of [ ART & TECHNOLOGY ] Their art practice crosses traditional art making with photography, digital, virtual, multi-media, and new technologies (3D Modelling, 3D Printing & 3D Scanning).

Passionate about activism, their art speaks to their own lived experiences  growing up in Australia. as a Trans and Queer person.

Much of their work interrogates Australia’s mainstream social understandings of sexuality and gender that is still having serious impacts across all marginalised communities. The underlining cause are systemic biases and institutionalised discrimination that Australian culture was built on.

After graduating with a BA of Fine Arts in expanded studio practice, then completing their honours in Photography. Ethan currently is completing Master’s of Photography at RMIT.


I have walked many miles to become the person I am today. I am proud of all my rich histories as a woman, lesbian, transgender, man and gay. Including the person I stand before you today, a queer masculine presenting gender-non-conforming person – I no longer assign to any gender binary. I present as Male, who was assigned female at birth but no longer feel a need to affirm my masculinity in society or my queerness. I walk as just me “Self-Made”

Art has always been my voice since I was a child, a way to deal with the world, a voice for advocacy, awareness, and representing all my diversities. I tell my own story, in using my body(ies), histor(ies) and diversities living in Australia. That is aimed to disrupt the viewers understanding of sexuality & gender. I never try to resolve any questions evoked in my works, instead encourage conversation between the viewer, the work and my story.

#anti-labels #anti-erasure #anti-norm

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