I dream of day we live in a society without Social NORMS that define how we live in our bodies, genders, sexualities, and diversities.

Is this my delusional utopian vision OR a future we could live! A life free from the oppression/s we suffer?

QUEER(ing) is a new way of living that’s in direct critique to our mainstream social norms, customs and  culture that we live.

I believe that QUEER as defined by the majority. Meaning an identity category to define the LGBTIQ+ Community under an umbrella term. Is outdated, oppressive and erasures many lived experiences and living expressions of people’s diversity(ies).

I define QUEER, as someone who lives Non-NORMative expressions of living.

Living QUEER is the expressions of a person who’s lives with a social critique and awareness. Someone who understands the LIFE we live, our expressions, histories and experiences are FLUID.  Living in a constant reimagining of the SELF outside of the assigned static identity. Someone who has awareness  of the multiplicities of our selves.  And who understands the flux of changeable unfixed spectrum of differences that embraces all our diversities, that is unbound by time, site, embodiment, or materiality.

A QUEER person is someone who has living expressions that cannot be defined by the NORM’s produced by the capitalist and patriarchal social systems.