Sculpture 2015.  Further developed into a photographic series.

Hand made from found objects. Constructed using different gendered dolls, action figures, and child games.

The doll was made to reflect how much of a freak and outcast I was treated living in a body that didn’t assign to any gender “NORMS” constructed within a Western patriarchal society. I was constantly questioned in my gender, treated as a freak of nature, interrogating my gender, asking if I was a boy or girl?  Many times just labelling me “it”. A label that followed me for most of my childhood and teenage years.

Today, I still get questioned on my authencity to occupy specific gender roles, customs and rituals.  Reoccuring statments like” you will never be a REAL man! You will always be a woman!”  “You will never have a REAL penis!”  “Born a woman, die a woman!” And regular questions like “Do you have female or male genitals?” is taken now with a maturity that allows confidence to question and challenge.