A Queer Transman with Aspergers! – An Alien among Aliens in an Alien world.

A social queue was missed by me! Was that a flirt, was that a hello! A smile, a flatness of facial expression, a discussion of my passions! A fixation of my likes!

Don’t be afraid, you have just meet a  “queer transman with aspergers”. A maze of tags to reflect my eye into this world!

Am I with my social eye, my friend, my polaris! I might be alone in a corner, I might be dancing! I might be with hands full of paint! I might just interrupt your conversation! I might be jiggling or not even look at you whilst I talk! I might not even talk. I am not rude! I am just a “queer transman with aspergers!”

Did I see you? I might not even hear you, did I hear you? Am I in your space? Did I just leave? Did I say hello?  Don’t think I am aloof, I am just a “queer transman with aspergers”.

The sublets of social queues I don’t catch, I am in a foreign land, I wear coloured glasses to filter the light, I have sensory issues with hearing and touch, a heightened consciousness of my environment!

Don’t walk away scratching your head when meeting me! That scratch you ponder is just meeting a “queer transman with aspergers”.

Since 1976 I have come to realise I am Queer, I am man and I have aspergers syndrome! Since then it’s been a journey to convince the world. An Alien world I don’t understand. I stood tall as a Lesbian teenager in Western Sydney, went into transition from Female to Male when I was 23 and  found to be a queer man when I was 30. Was officially diagnosed with aspergers this year 2010.

286 intramuscular injections, 3 major surgeries and  being into the hundredth appointment of psychologists, specialists and Dr’s. What have I learnt in this crossing of the sexes, fusion of diagnosis and a mirrored identity of sexuality.

Awareness is a key to understanding! So I stand and say I am a “Queer Transman with Aspergers!”

Don’t befriend me because you feel sorry for me. I am very Happy, thank you! Don’t come up to me yelling! I am not deaf! Tolerance is ignorance of the ego!  It might be your world that is the conjuring trick!!!