During childhood I found friendship in art, it was my way to make sense of the world that I never felt included. It became my voice that spoke about my diversities and lived experiences.

Today, after 44 years I have walked many miles to become the person I am. I am now proud of all my histories as a lesbian, woman, man, transgender, gay and including the person I stand before you today – as queer non-binary identified person.

Over the last 5 years I have had the amazing opportunity to return to University in pursuit of developing my art praxis into a voice for advocacy, awareness, and pride for all diversities. Using my personal story, I use own body(ies), histor(ies) & lived experiences to disrupt the viewers understanding of sexuality & gender. I do not try to resolve any questions evoked, instead I spark a conversation between the viewer and I.

Stemming from popular culture and sociology my work’s informed by various Artists & Theorists who explore performativity, sexuality and gender. I am influenced by Amanda Lepore, David LaChapelle, Judith Butler, Jack Harbeston & Nadia Lee-Kohan.

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