Preferred Pronouns: They / Them / Theirs

Ethan Kristy was born in Sydney, Australia as  female assigned at birth named “Kristy Rebecca”.

Growing up in Western Sydney, NSW. At age 14 years Kristy “Came Out” to their family and peers as a lesbian. This brought about violence, harassment and bullying at both home & school. Outcast for their differences they eventually dropped out of school to move out of home after Year 11. Not completing HSC, Ethan devoted the next 12 months creating an Art portfolio to support their application for entry at University. All this hard work paid off with an offer into BA Visual Arts at UWS. Unfortunately, deeply struggling with their gender identity Ethan couldn’t continue living in the body they were born so as they completed first year of Uni whilst they researched options. Ethan decided the best way for self-happiness was to start gender transition. The reality of all the extra medical costs forced Ethan to choose between their life dream of becoming a high school Art teacher or to leave after finding full-time work.

17 years later, Ethan was given an opportunity to restart their lifelong dream to go to University. They relocated to Melbourne to attend RMIT. In 2019 they have graduated with distinction from BA of Fine Arts to complete Photography Honours. Currently they study to complete their Masters of photography at RMIT.

Ethan no longer assigns to any gender binary or identity label. Instead choosing to disrupt mainstream social understandings of gender and sexuality thru their art practise. They celebrate all their histories, identities and sexualities they have occupied or was assigned at different times of their life. Ethan comes with rich lived experiences as a Woman, Male, Transgender, Queer, Lesbian & Faggot.