Essay // Mapping my gender in a day

As you move through the day reflect on the way you inhabit your body and what aspects of your behaviour seem particularly gendered to you. Does your performance of your gender change in different contexts? Can you discern where you have picked up gendered mannerisms and behaviour from? “Mapping my gender in a day!” Fig. 1. Make-Up for Beginners: Brigitte Bardot to David Bowie. [1] In this essay I will explore three daily gender performative acts. The walk, the hand shake and the shave. These hegemonic social customs are regulated and inscribed by social institutions with different practises depending on … Continue ReadingEssay // Mapping my gender in a day

Essay // Trans-Normative

“Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal?” [1] Deconstructing the Trans-normative. As Foucault said ‘no aspect of reality should be allowed to become a definitive and inhuman law for us’.[2] By drawing from my own experiences, and highlighting some examples from popular media, this essay will illustrate the overarching heterogenic power and privileges that have succeeded in the new trans-normativity. A narrative that is dominating Trans* experiences and has arisen through the assimilation of transgender people into mainstream society. A comparison of essentialist and constructionist theories surrounding transgender subjectivity exposes a need to employ understandings that have not been … Continue ReadingEssay // Trans-Normative

Acceptance of trans* people based on Appearance

Ok I am over the media only portraying the acceptance of trans* people based on their ability to pass. (“Passing” = how well a person can fit into the mainstream community.) Acceptance of trans* folk or anyone else should not rely on “passing”. I am now fortunate to pass but I was called “it” and didn’t pass for a large part of my life! The normalisation of the trans* community into an outdated hetro binary / agenda is only creating another group of “outsiders”. Another form of discrimination against anyone who doesn’t fit these ideals! We have such beauty in … Continue ReadingAcceptance of trans* people based on Appearance


My days as a child, teenager and young adult as female bodied. I am proud of my histories. Being born female had its many frustrations, discomfort, dysphoria but none the less has enriched my life in many ways. Being in a position to experience the inequalities first hand that patriarchal values have on women’s lives on a daily basis has made me more aware person that understands my position and privileges today.

POEM // A Queer Transman with Aspergers!

A Queer Transman with Aspergers! – An Alien among Aliens in an Alien world. A social queue was missed by me! Was that a flirt, was that a hello! A smile, a flatness of facial expression, a discussion of my passions! A fixation of my likes! Don’t be afraid, you have just meet a  “queer transman with aspergers”. A maze of tags to reflect my eye into this world! Am I with my social eye, my friend, my polaris! I might be alone in a corner, I might be dancing! I might be with hands full of paint! I might … Continue ReadingPOEM // A Queer Transman with Aspergers!

Performance // Poetry

“THE BUTLER PERFORMANCE” 2009 I walked around as a Butler,  handing out scrolls with my poems,  on the tray was  Prosthetic Dicks “Packies”. POEMS Written by Ethan-Kristy 2009 Am I, Am I more of a man than you? Am I more of a woman than you? Am I more of man transitioning? Am I more of man with this silicone penis? Am I less of woman for wearing this penis? Am I less of a woman for transitioning? Am I, less Than more or more than less? I am, I am a man without a penis. I am a woman … Continue ReadingPerformance // Poetry

The Alphabet Soup – [DAEE]

“DAEE” Appropriated Dummies book cover design by Ethan-Kristy Diversity, Acceptance, Equality & Education [DAEE] I am not a gay male, I am not a bear, I am not woman, I am not male, I am all and none. How you perceive me is not my identity. My histories and identities are not linear, they are diverse and continue to change. In my life I have fallen under many labels. I have been at different times perceived as  woman, man, gender queer, lesbian, bi, gay, bear, transgender and even heterosexual. My identity has more variations than this acronym “LGBTIQ” I am … Continue ReadingThe Alphabet Soup – [DAEE]