Boys will be Boys

Queer by night

Strange Temporalities
Aperture: 5Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIIso: 100

Photograghic Portraits

St Kilda Beach Girl
Author: ETHAN KRISTYAperture: 5Camera: Canon EOS 800DIso: 100Orientation: 1
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Fuck Me or Fuck Off

Fuck Me or Fuck Off
Aperture: 9Camera: NIKON D5100Iso: 100

St Kilda Beach Girls

St Kilda Beach Girls
Author: ETHAN KRISTYAperture: 6.3Camera: Canon EOS 800DIso: 100Orientation: 1
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Queering the Aussie BBQ

Queering the Aussie BBQ Photographic Serie
Aperture: 5.6Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIIso: 100
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Photography // Penis Cut Out

Photograghy // CAMPus Life

CAMPus Life is a series that explores the expression of gender!  By blurring the gender binary one gains the spectrum of diversity! In this spectrum everyone should be celebrated equality! Through diversity we find humanity!

Photograghy & 3D // “It”

Sculpture 2015.  Further developed into a photographic series.

Hand made from found objects. Constructed using different gendered dolls, action figures, and child games.

The doll was made to reflect how much of a freak and outcast I was treated living in a body that didn’t assign to any gender “NORMS” constructed within a Western patriarchal society. I was constantly questioned in my gender, treated as a freak of nature, interrogating my gender, asking if I was a boy or girl?  Many times just labelling me “it”. A label that followed me for most of my childhood and teenage years.

Today, I still get questioned on my authencity to occupy specific gender roles, customs and rituals.  Reoccuring statments like” you will never be a REAL man! You will always be a woman!”  “You will never have a REAL penis!”  “Born a woman, die a woman!” And regular questions like “Do you have female or male genitals?” is taken now with a maturity that allows confidence to question and challenge.


Photography // Performative

Photography & 3D // Two Faced