Walking to School

Installation (Found Objects with Bronze Sculpture), Sept 2016

Responding to the Safe School’s Program debate that was happening in 2016.

I was thinking on how much it would have changed my experiences at high school by having a program like this.  I am confident in saying I would not have had such a hard time. Being an out & proud lesbian at age 14, the endless school bullying by teachers, students and at home without support from the public educational system or the government made my high school years the worst years of my life.

I was trapped in daily bullying during school and on the streets. Enduring physical violence at both school and home, I was bashed, attacked and homeless by age 17. Isolated, alone and without support, The School and many teachers took the attitude that I brought attention to myself by coming out as a lesbian and dressing like a boy. Commenting that If I only made the effort to “fit in” like the rest of the students, the bullying and daily attacks would stop.


DESCRIPTION: A masculine foot with pink nail polish is perched in a bird cage, unable to walk. Trapped in being on public show.

Photograghy & 3D // “It”

Sculpture 2015.  Further developed into a photographic series.

Hand made from found objects. Constructed using different gendered dolls, action figures, and child games.

The doll was made to reflect how much of a freak and outcast I was treated living in a body that didn’t assign to any gender “NORMS” constructed within a Western patriarchal society. I was constantly questioned in my gender, treated as a freak of nature, interrogating my gender, asking if I was a boy or girl?  Many times just labelling me “it”. A label that followed me for most of my childhood and teenage years.

Today, I still get questioned on my authencity to occupy specific gender roles, customs and rituals.  Reoccuring statments like” you will never be a REAL man! You will always be a woman!”  “You will never have a REAL penis!”  “Born a woman, die a woman!” And regular questions like “Do you have female or male genitals?” is taken now with a maturity that allows confidence to question and challenge.


Photography & 3D // Two Faced

3D // Penile Prosthetics

Artistry of the Penis – Adventure of “Home Grown”

Since 2004-2013 created wearable penile prosthetics for daily use & sold online. All natural & Allergy Free human skin compound moulded into various penis shapes. Also created harnesses & Stand to Pee devices.