Painting // Discovery of Self

Acrylic on Canvas. 2015

Painting // The Abject

Exploring the abject through figurative works.

Painting // Rite of Passage

A series that examine the personal struggles of transitioning from female to male. The confrontation of expectations, perceived ideas of masculinity and shadows of the past.

  1. Fragmented – Multimedia: Acrylic, Ink & Charcoal on Canvas. 76 x 38 cm. Description: A representation of a fragmented mirror of self that one has before of acknowledgement of the shadow that is always in the background!
  2. Liberty –  Multimedia: Acrylic, Ink & Charcoal on Canvas. 40 x 50 cm. Description: The process of liberty of the true self and the mourning process that one has for the woman.

Painting #KarmaTranSutra

Painting #KarmaTranSutra


A pictorial study of the ancient art of Kama Sutra coming with a Trans* twist! A raw, explicit look at sex, gender & sexuality from a Gay + Trans male perspective.  Anatomy at play, role play, gender play, and the many sexualities that play within!

How  “identity” plays around the ” gender spectrum” and in turn decodes our   “sexualities...

 OR   D o e s  it  

Painting // I stand before you today

“I stand before you today as a man but I had to kill my woman”

Still life 1# “1 day in every 14” is a still life of  my injection day! A lethal injection to my female body a Testosterone injection every 14 days for the rest of my life.

Still Life 2# Obituary Date: 21/09/1999 is the day I started hormone injections. The Newspaper shows actual real woman who died on that day including myself as my former female body!

Hanging woman with half modified body,  a transitional state from female! Making a choice to kill my female body to become the man I am today! Without this death a new life could not have prevailed