Painting // Discovery of Self

Acrylic on Canvas. 2015

Drawings // Inkblots

Ink & Pencil on Paper. 2015 [ Private Collection ]

I was looking at my collection of dicks. For over 10 years I was a prosthesis artist, hand making corrective medical devices such as penile prosthetics & STP (stand to pee) devices for Men, Trans Masculine and Gender Diverse People across the world. I have hand made many flaccid various life-like dicks made from material that feels like real skin. I started to play with them, thinking of performances and how our body and body parts occupies the space.

I experimented with several mediums, painting the dicks and then taking impressions. Like an inkblot test they started to bring about different articulations of the ink pressed against the paper. Whilst making impressions of the various handmade flaccid dicks I started to question the authenticity of these prosthetics and the value society places on being fully functional in body, mind and life.

Investigating even further the authenticity of my own body by moulding and casting my own genitals into a prosthesis then making ink impressions. I then drew a self-portrait coming from the ink impressions. fragmenting my body further by removing my legs and arms. I have always seen myself as incomplete in body, mind and life but I am now questioning how much of this representation is formed by societies narrow restrictive construct of an ideal.

Painting // The Abject

Exploring the abject through figurative works.

Drawings // It’s flesh was too filthy for the fags to eat

Charcoal, Ink & Pastel on board. 2015

Drawings // Contour Drawings


Studio Drawing.  2015  – 2017

In my art practice I like to  investigate  subjects, ideas and concepts through the drawing exercise of blind contour drawing & contour drawings.

Drawings // Life Drawings

STUDIO :: Multi Media

STUDIO :: Drawings


Painting // Rite of Passage

A series that examine the personal struggles of transitioning from female to male. The confrontation of expectations, perceived ideas of masculinity and shadows of the past.

  1. Fragmented – Multimedia: Acrylic, Ink & Charcoal on Canvas. 76 x 38 cm. Description: A representation of a fragmented mirror of self that one has before of acknowledgement of the shadow that is always in the background!
  2. Liberty –  Multimedia: Acrylic, Ink & Charcoal on Canvas. 40 x 50 cm. Description: The process of liberty of the true self and the mourning process that one has for the woman.

Painting #KarmaTranSutra

Painting #KarmaTranSutra


A pictorial study of the ancient art of Kama Sutra coming with a Trans* twist! A raw, explicit look at sex, gender & sexuality from a Gay + Trans male perspective.  Anatomy at play, role play, gender play, and the many sexualities that play within!

How  “identity” plays around the ” gender spectrum” and in turn decodes our   “sexualities...

 OR   D o e s  it  


23 years I lived as a woman, a lesbian & Butch Dyke!  I started Hormone treatment on 21st September 1999. I am proud of my journey & my time as a woman!

Painting // I stand before you today

“I stand before you today as a man but I had to kill my woman”

Still life 1# “1 day in every 14” is a still life of  my injection day! A lethal injection to my female body a Testosterone injection every 14 days for the rest of my life.

Still Life 2# Obituary Date: 21/09/1999 is the day I started hormone injections. The Newspaper shows actual real woman who died on that day including myself as my former female body!

Hanging woman with half modified body,  a transitional state from female! Making a choice to kill my female body to become the man I am today! Without this death a new life could not have prevailed