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The flesh is a cage!

Photographic series, that looks at governance of the body.

[EXHIBITION] The Laird Art Competition

Selected NEW photographic series entered into The Laird Art Competition. Histories of Masculinities Celebrating the rich diversity of our community also includes our histories and the lived experiences…

Exploring Identity, Governance and Gender

NEW Photographic Series that explores Identity, Governance and Gender. MANY THANKS: Thanks to ALL the models that contributed to the series.  Models that agreed to be mentioned: Bradley,…

Lip Stick



White Wash

Trans Lego

Oil on Board. 2016

You throw like a girl

Installation with bronze cast hands.

Walking to School

Installation (Found Objects with Bronze Sculpture), Sept 2016

Trans Lego Logo

Appropriated Lego Logo. This series of works are making comment about the trend that is “transgender”.  And how mass media is showcasing the “heteronormative” representation of Transgender identities,…

Trans Lego Series

Using iconic Lego brand  to make comment about the new trend that is now “transgender”.  Highlighting how mass media is showcasing the “hetronormative” representation of Transgender identities, reinforcing…

Painting // Exploring Bacon

Oil on Canvas. 120 x 160cm 2015 Current Painting – Work in Progress.

Painting // Discovery of Self

Acrylic on Canvas. 2015

Drawings // Inkblots

Ink & Pencil on Paper. 2015 I was looking at my collection of dicks. For over 10 years I was a prosthesis artist, hand making corrective medical devices…

Painting // The Abject

Exploring the abject through figurative works.

Drawings // It’s flesh was too filthy for the fags to eat

Charcoal, Ink & Pastel on board. 2015

Drawings // Contour Drawings

  Studio Drawing. 20015

Photography // Penis Cut Out

Photograghy // CAMPus Life

CAMPus Life is a series that explores the expression of gender!  By blurring the gender binary one gains the spectrum of diversity! In this spectrum everyone should be…

Drawings // Life Drawings

STUDIO :: Multi Media



Photograghy & 3D // “It”

STUDIO :: Paintings


STUDIO :: Photography & Digital

Photography Digital

STUDIO :: Drawings

STUDIO :: Sculpture

STUDIO :: Performance

CREDIT:  Photography by Morgan Carpenter


Photography // Performative

Painting // Rite of Passage

A series that examine the personal struggles of transitioning from female to male. The confrontation of expectations, perceived ideas of masculinity and shadows of the past. Fragmented –…

Photography & 3D // Two Faced

Painting // KarmaTranSutra

A pictorial study of the ancient art of Kama Sutra with a Trans twist! A raw, explicit look at sex, gender & sexuality from a Gay Transmale perspective….


23 years I lived as a woman, a lesbian & Butch Dyke!  I started Hormone treatment on 21st September 1999. I am proud of my journey & my…

Painting // I stand before you today

“I stand before you today as a man but I had to kill my woman” Still life 1# “1 day in every 14” is a still life of …

3D // Penile Prosthetics

Artistry of the Penis – Adventure of “Home Grown” Since 2004-2013 created wearable penile prosthetics for daily use & sold online. All natural & Allergy Free human skin…